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Community Right to Know E-Bulletin (October 2008)

Action Alert: Take Charge on Toxics

Take Charge on Toxics is a campaign comprised of a broad coalition of respected health, environment and labour organizations aimed at ensuring Ontario's Toxic Use Reduction legislation reduces Ontarians risk of developing cancer by effectively addressing toxic chemicals where people live, work and play.

Take Action:

We need your help to ensure the Ontarian's health is protected from toxic chemical being used and released. Please take a few minutes to go to this link:

<http://www.advocacyonline.net/eactivist/srv/render?rUGLuX&view=CA,en,1081,15561,-1,n,n,n> &view=CA,en,1081,15561,-1,n,n,n

This will allow you to easily and quickly send a message to your MPP, with copies going to the Premier and relevant Ministers.


Due to its industrial structure and weak regulatory regime, Ontario is one of the leading emitters of toxics in North America.  In the 2007 provincial election, the Liberal Party promised to "create a tough new toxic reduction law that requires companies that emit toxic pollution to reduce their emissions over time." On August 27, 2008, the Ministry of the Environment released a discussion paper, Creating Ontario's Toxics Reduction Strategy.

The discussion paper represents some good intent and steps in the right direction, but needs to go much further. Among other things, it proposes new accounting, reduction planning and reporting requirements on toxic use and release.  However, it does not:

•    set targets for reductions in use or release
•    introduce a regime of substitution of safer alternatives
•    provide a clear mechanism for funding and provision of technical assistance in toxics reduction
•    specify strong compliance remedies

The Ontario government needs to know that we support strong, comprehensive
toxic use reduction legislation yet stronger than what is proposed in the
discussion paper.

Creating Ontario's Toxics Reduction Strategy discussion paper is available at:

Thank you for your time.