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Tired of Trashing Toronto? Enviro Group Launches Fun Waste Free Challenge

Toronto: Today, the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) launched Waste Free Toronto, a new challenge aimed at reducing the trash Torontonians throw away.

“Most people feel powerless when it comes to the big environmental problems facing us,” says Emily Alfred, Waste Campaigner for TEA. “Thankfully, we all have power to end the trash troubles facing Toronto. We created the Waste Free Toronto Challenge to put this power directly in the hands of every Torontonian.”

“People will be surprised to learn how simple it is to reduce the trash we make. Our Challenge makes it fun,” says Alfred. “And the more people who complete the challenge, the closer Toronto moves towards becoming waste free.”

The Challenge asks people to take 10 simple actions that will reduce the trash a person sends for disposal. It’s designed to get everyone doing something. Whether you’re already doing a lot to reduce or if you’re filling the biggest garbage bin and don’t know where to start - you can find simple actions that will help you reduce waste. People can complete the Challenge online at www.wastefreeto.ca, then post their actions on social media and share it with their friends.

The Challenge comes as the City of Toronto prepares to talk to Torontonians about a new long term waste management plan, including new big, disposal solutions. “We know that other cities are reducing, reusing and recycling more. San Francisco is diverting over 80% of its waste, and right here in the GTA, Markham diverts over 80% of its residential waste. But Toronto is stuck around 50%.” Alfred argues that while big solutions and long term thinking are important, individuals and communities need to get involved to make big changes.

“The Waste Free Challenge shows Torontonians and City Hall that investing in people is the cheapest and easiest way of dealing with waste issues in Toronto,” says Alfred.

The Waste Free Toronto Challenge is available on line at www.wastefreeto.ca.

The Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) has been building a Greener City for All since 1988. A non-partisan group, TEA works with people and organizations interested in educating, inspiring and engaging Torontonians in urban environmental solutions.


For more information, contact: Emily Alfred, cell: 416-543-1542; work: 416-596-0660.