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Healthy Lawn Factsheets

Lead the way to healthy lawns, go pesticide-free today!

Be a Natural Leader and have a beautiful lawn that's safe for your family.
Toronto's pesticide by-law means its a great time to go natural. But natural lawns are much more than grass without chemicals. A natural lawn works with nature to be naturally resistant to pests. The best part is, they are easier to care for and always safe to walk on. Once you have one, you'll never turn back!

Is your lawn addicted to chemicals?
While the "quick-fix" chemical lawn looks green, it isn't. In addition to the health and environmental risks, the chemicals hurt the soil, destroy beneficial insects and weaken the grass, making it more vulnerable to problems. In the end, your lawn becomes addicted to chemicals!

If your lawn has been maintained with too much watering, too short cutting and too many chemicals, it's probably pretty sick. It will need a little extra TLC to get healthy. Don't get discouraged. Once you've made the transition to a healthy natural lawn, you'll spend LESS time taking care of it and more time enjoying it!

Need help?

TEA's Natural Leaders, Healthy Lawns Fact Sheet Set gives you the information you need to you have natural lawn. Click on any of the fact sheets below to download a PDF version:

1. Organic Lawn Care Basics - Please see below
2. Evaluating the Health of Your Lawn - Please see below
3. Organic Lawn Care Calendar - Please see below
4. Choosing Good Grass Seed - Please see below
5. Solving Common Lawn Problems - Please see below
6. Grubs: Organic Control - Please see below
7. Natural Fertilizers and Amendments - Please see below
8. Alternative Groundcovers - Please see below

Looking for a professional?
Check out the Organic Landscape Alliance, an association of 100 per cent organic service providers. These companies will never try to talk you into using pesticides to solve your lawn problems, unlike some traditional companies.

Want to know about restrictions under Toronto's pesticide by-law?
Go to Toronto Public Health's web page or call 416-338-7600

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