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City gets a C+ on smog report - Metro

November 1, 2007
By Staff

Budget crisis crippled Toronto’s green initiatives

Toronto earned a C+ on the annual Smog Report Card, a grade that would have been higher had the city’s fiscal crisis not stalled clean-air initiatives, says the Toronto Environmental Alliance.

The city, which received a C- rating from the group last year, was on track to get a B or B+ this year, largely on the strength of Mayor David Miller’s “Change is in the Air” plan to combat smog and climate change.

The $84-million report, released in June, calls for a 20 per cent reduction in locally generated smog pollutants by 2012, based on 2004 levels.

But the city’s financial crisis and subsequent cost-cutting “sucked the life” out of the plan, said the alliance’s executive director, Franz Hartmann.

bylaw falling behind

The plan, for instance, calls for a new “community-right-to-know” bylaw, requiring businesses to report their emissions. But cost-cutting measures restricted hiring experts to develop the bylaw.

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