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Rob Ford fails environmental report card - BlogTO

Robyn Urback
July 8, 2010

The Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) released their mid-campaign report card today with Joe Pantalone receiving top marks of the five main mayoral candidates. Rob Ford ranked last.

I, for one, am shocked.

The report card evaluated candidates' statements on what the TEA has identified as six main environmental priorities. Mayoral hopefuls are pegged in each category as "Going in right direction," "Unclear--needs improvement," "Unsatisfactory performance," and "Has not commented on this issue."

From best to worst, overall conclusions on each candidate were:

  • Joe Pantalone: Progressing steadily; needs to speak up
  • George Smitherman: Shows potential but needs to apply himself
  • Sarah Thomson: Eager participant; misses key lessons
  • Rocco Rossi: Shows lack of understanding
  • Rob Ford: Shows little interest

Franz Hartmann, TEA's executive director, says he hopes these results will encourage candidates to green their platforms. Specific grades will be assigned closer to the election, with the possibility of gold stars and "Plays Well with Others" pins if candidates ask nicely.

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