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Guide to locally grown international food now available

Wed Oct 07 2009
By Susan Sampson
Food Columnist

Multicultural cooks don't have to rely on produce dragged in from halfway around the world. Versatile Ontario farmers grow vine leaves, molokhia greens, callaloo, fava beans, okra, bok choy, bitter melon, red hot chili peppers ...

Hot off the printers are four guides detailing where to buy fresh, locally grown foods used in African/Caribbean, Chinese, Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisines. The free guides were launched Tuesday by the Toronto Environmental Alliance.

"We were very concerned about greenhouse gases and global warming," says Franz Hartmann, executive director of the organization. "What contributes to that is buying food from far away ... There are people from all over the world here, and they bring with them their own multicultural cooking traditions."

The guides include maps and lists of grocery stores, farmers' markets, and farms in and around the Greenbelt.

They are targeted at the four specific cultural groups and immigrants, but are also handy for adventurous cooks.

Go online to www.tinyurl.com/foodguides.

Hard copies are being distributed at community health centres in Toronto.

Call 416-338-7600 for a location near you.

As published: http://www.thestar.com/living/food/article/706399