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Environmentalists Attack Tetra Paks At LCBO

Tuesday April 1, 2008
CityNews.ca Staff

The environmental impact of so-called Tetra Paks has been debated for more than a decade, but after all that time there's still no clear cut answer as to whether the containers that bring you your juice or wine in a box are in fact harmful, and now the fight has even spilled into one of Ontario's biggest businesses.

Recently, the LCBO announced plans to go green with what they claim are the eco-friendly items, though a local environmental group charges the product is a sham.

As it happens, wine drinkers are now being encouraged by the LCBO to reduce waste by using the alternative containers, all as a part of their "enviro-chic" program.

"Tetra Pak is environmentally friendly," said the LCBO's Chris Layton. "It produces 90 per cent less waste than a glass bottle, so that's 90 per cent less waste that's going to the landfill."

However, after cutting open a few of the containers, the Toronto Environmental Alliance or TEA, insists they're made from virgin pulp, aluminum and plastic, each of which creates pollution through its production.

"Just because a container weighs less doesn't mean it's green," said TEA's Franz
Hartmann. "Tetra Paks are enviro sham, not enviro chic."

Hartmann continues by saying the most eco-friendly of all alcohol packaging is a refillable glass bottle, an idea LCBO representatives counters not practical.


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