No Jets Toronto

Posted on February 9,

TEA supports the work of NoJetsTO in bringing to light the dangers of expanding the Billy Bishop Island Airport. 

Sign the petition opposing the island airport expansion to help protect our waterfront, and ensure that our air and environment are clean and healthy!


Toronto City Council has been exploring the option of expanding Billy Bishop Airport. If the expansion is approved, it will mean more air traffic that will turn the sky above our beautiful waterfront into a noisy air highway. The expansion would create more air pollution and cause health problems. Torontonians will also have to pay for new infrastructure to deal with more taxis, more buses and more people.

Airport expansion will also harm North America’s bird population. Tommy Thompson Park is an important bird habitat and migratory route. Jets and more flights will result in the destruction of this important habitat and the culling of birds to insure planes can safely take off and land.

TEA opposes the expansion of the island airport because of the many harmful effects it would have on our environment and health. TEA has worked with NoJetsTO since its inception to spread the word about the dangers of airport expansion and to make sure the public's concerns are heard loud and clear by our governments.