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Toronto Council sends Ontario’s Greenbelt a Big Birthday Present

For Immediate Release
February 20, 2014

Revenue Tools for Transit

On May 7th 2013, a majority of Councillors voted to discuss key transit funding options at City Council on May 8th. The results of the debate will allow council to make recommendations to the Province on how to fund transit improvement across the GTA.

While two-thirds of City Councillors agreed that discussing transit funding options at City Council was important, 13 Councillors voted against it.

Public Needs a Say on where to put OneCity Transit Lines, transit advocates urge

June 27, 2012

2012 Council Report Card - Going in Circles

In February 2010, TEA released six environmental priorities - endorsed by over 40 community groups - that set a course for Toronto’s City Council to build a greener city for all.

Over two years later, it’s time to see where City Council has taken Toronto’s environmental agenda.

Thank You, Jack, for Helping Build a Green Toronto

As long-time TEA supporters know, Jack Layton was always a good friend and ally of TEA. From the early 1990s, as a Councillor for the City of Toronto, and later as a Federal MP, Jack worked with TEA on many green initiatives.

On the eve of his state funeral, we thought it important to recognize and remember some of the many green initiatives Jack and TEA worked on that helped build a green Toronto for all...

Workshops with TEA!

Saving Energy - A Tenant Action Workshop

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