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What Municipalities Can Do

Take Action: What you can do and what we are urging all municipalities to do

Want to make sure we don’t dig holes in the precious countryside surrounding the GTA to get the gravel we need to renew our roads, buildings, and bridges? 

Contact your local Councillor (Councillor contact information) and ask them to adopt TEA’s recommendations to practice the 3Rs for gravel use and help save the countryside we and our rural neighbours depend on.

See sample text that you can consider using for your letter.

We urge all GTA municipalities to adopt the following recommendations:

  1. Ensure that any new requests of proposals (RFPs) that include the use of aggregate require the successful bidder to demonstrate they will use the highest level of recycled content allowable under provincial standards.

  2. Provide detailed information to the public on aggregate use within the municipality that includes:
    • How much and what type of aggregate is used for various types of urban infrastructure (eg. roads, sidewalks, bridges, sewers, etc) within the municipality annually
    • How much of the aggregate used is “virgin”, how much is recycled and how much comes from alternative sources
    • Where the aggregate comes from, including specific pits and quarries, and the quantities from each source
    • Projected aggregate use over the next 25 years
  3. Investigate how other jurisdictions effectively reduce “virgin” aggregate use through the use of 3Rs and report out to the appropriate council committee with recommendations about how the municipality can adopt similar strategies.

  4. Urge the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) to ensure the 3Rs are the cornerstone of any updated aggregate policy for the Province and that it investigates and implements the production of “sustainable” aggregate.