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Candidates Graded in Environmental Report Card

TEA has evaluated and graded over 200 council candidates in all wards of the city based on answers to our survey about their environmental commitment.

TEA created a 20 question survey based on the 6 Environmental Priorities identified by TEA and endorsed by organizations and individuals across the City. These priorities identify key action areas for the next mayor and council to work on to build on the last ten years of environmental progress at the City.

A summary of the grades, detailed survey answers and the survey questions are available here.

Summary of Report Card results:

  • 212 candidates were contacted and asked to complete the survey
  • 136 candidates completed the survey
  • 114 candidates received A's based on their answers to the survey
  • 77 candidates were given an F because they did not reply to repeated emails and calls, or refused to answer the survey
  • The remaining grades were as follows: B - 11 candidates, C - 6 candidates, D - 1 candidate and F - 4 candidates based on their answers 

We hope this information will show you where your candidates stand on environmental issues and give you the information you need to ask questions and to hold the elected officials accountable to their promises.