Take Action: Tell City Council to Act on Single-Use Plastics

Single-use plastics are harmful, toxic and downright confusing, with non-recyclable items like black takeout containers and coffee pods wreaking havoc on our local recycling system.

It’s time for Toronto to show leadership and help tackle our global plastic problem. Other cities are using tools like bans and fees to push companies to change their products and packaging and to restrict the amount of single-use plastics ending up in the blue bin and our environment.

In July, City Council will be voting on whether the City of Toronto needs to take action to address polluting waste and unnecessary packaging, like single-use plastics. If they vote to move forward with a staff consultation plan, this could mean bans and fees on single-use plastics in Toronto within the next year.  

We need to be louder than the lobbyists.

Corporate lobbyists have been emailing and meeting with Councillors and the Mayor - now it’s time for them to hear from you! We may not have the money to compete with corporate lobbyists but we do have the people power! 

Toronto City Councillors need to hear from their residents and from community groups and businesses that care about our environment. Take a minute to send a letter to your City Councillor before July’s meeting.