Secret report shows City’s 10% cut to TTC budget will hurt riders in every ward

For Immediate Release
November 24, 2011

Toronto: Today TTCriders revealed information from a secret TTC report that shows the City’s proposed 10% cut to the TTC’s operating subsidy will mean longer waits for more crowded buses and streetcars on routes in every ward in the City.

A full list of the 56 affected bus routes and 6 streetcar lines and the wards they travel through is attached to this release.

“At a time when TTC ridership is at a record high it is unbelievable that these cuts are being forced on the TTC,” said Jamie Kirkpatrick, a spokesperson for TTCriders. “It makes me wonder whether Commissioners actually knew the severity of cuts that would be the result of budget decisions they made in September.”

The TTC approved an amended 2012 Operating Budget at a special meeting on September 16th which included adjustments to “Peak and Off Peak Loading Standards” as part of a 10% reduction in the TTC’s budget.

TTCriders obtained an internal TTC report that states the service cuts are needed because of an “anticipated reduction in subsidy from the City of Toronto.” The cuts are to begin on January 8, 2012 and will mean fewer TTC vehicles will be operating on streets throughout the city. For TTC riders that means longer waits for more crowded buses and streetcars in every city ward.

Routes scheduled for cuts include several high traffic routes like the 25 Don Mills, the 29 Dufferin, the 35 Jane, and the 501 Queen streetcar. As well, the 36 Finch West bus, which is supposed to be gaining "enhanced bus service" under the Mayor's Transportation City plan will have fewer, more crowded buses for residents who were promised LRT service back in 2008. The 85 Sheppard East bus, to be replaced by a subway in Mayor Ford's transit plan, and the 32 and 34 Eglinton buses, to be replaced by the Crosstown line, are also scheduled for service cuts.

“Every Torontonian who experiences traffic congestion or long waits for already crowded buses and streetcars should be upset at what’s happening at City Hall,” said Kirkpatrick. “Instead of hiding these cuts, City Hall should be working hard to maintain and expand transit services."


For More Information:
Jamie Kirkpatrick, Public Transit Campaigner for the Toronto Environmental Alliance, 416-596-0660