Stephanie Wan, Development Coordinator

Stephanie joined TEA as a front-line campaigner after receiving her degree in Environmental Studies and Sociology from the University of Toronto in 2014.

Her passion for environmental justice has strengthened her belief that public engagement is the key to inspire changes at the societal level.

As the Development Coordinator, Stephanie is committed to maximize donor retention through stewardship and recognition activities.

Stephanie has vast volunteering experience with non-profit environmental organizations, such as the Conservation Council of Ontario and the World Wide Fund for Nature. In 2011, she volunteered in South Africa to plant trees and construct water collecting canals. In May 2014, Stephanie participated in the GREEN (Global Renewable Energy Education Network) Program to discover Iceland’s innovation in renewable energy.

Stephanie has a strong faith that as a community we can change our today, little by little, person by person, to make Toronto a sustainable place for our future generations to live in.

[email protected]