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Thank You, Jack, for Helping Build a Green Toronto

As long-time TEA supporters know, Jack Layton was always a good friend and ally of TEA. From the early 1990s, as a Councillor for the City of Toronto, and later as a Federal MP, Jack worked with TEA on many green initiatives.

On the eve of his state funeral, we thought it important to recognize and remember some of the many green initiatives Jack and TEA worked on that helped build a green Toronto for all...

  • 1992: Jack works with TEA to help kick-start energy conservation efforts with the Deep Lake Water Cooling system that uses lake water instead of air conditioners to cool downtown office buildings.
  • 1997: Jack works with mega-city Mayor Mel Lastman to set up the Environmental Task Force, a recommendation made by TEA. Jack is made the Chair and TEA’s Executive Director is asked to sit on the Task Force.
  • 1998-2000: On the Environmental Task Force, TEA works with Jack to develop Toronto’s first-ever environmental plan. The recommendations are unanimously adopted by City Council in 2000 and provide the blueprint for most of the city’s environmental initiatives through to 2010.
  • 2000-2002: TEA works closely with Jack to fight attempts to dump garbage in Adams Mine, near Kirkland Lake Ontario and to promote waste diversion instead. After the Adams Mine plan is defeated, TEA works with Jack to ensure Council adopts city-wide waste diversion programs, including the Green Bin program.
  • 2005: Jack helps TEA realize a decade-old call for federal transit funding by convincing Prime Minister Paul Martin to set aside money collected from gas taxes for transit.

Jack also played a key role in many other important green initiatives in Toronto: he was a founder of the Toronto Atmospheric Fun (TAF) as well as its president for many years. He became the main Council advocate for green power, including the wind turbine at Exhibition Place, and helped transform Toronto Hydro into a energy conservation and green power leader. Add to this his advocacy for public transit and bike transportation, and it’s clear Jack is one of the most influential environmental advocates of our generation.

While his death is tragic, Jack's life accomplishments are remarkable. We can learn from his leadership, and his incredible drive to work for what he believed in.

TEA will continue to build on his vision for a green and just society. We will work to ensure our city's environmental services, many of which Jack helped build, are protected.

That's why we're asking you to:

  • Contact your City Councillor - let them know you want the city’s environmental services strengthened, not eliminated.
  • Help TEA continue building Jack’s vision for a green Toronto for all by making a donation in his honour.

Thank you, Jack, for your work to build a green city and a green country for all.


The TEA Team