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Green Action Agenda

Imagine what happens if you keep putting off investing in your child’s education, home repairs and your retirement. Eventually, the repair bills will be huge and you won’t have the money you need to send your child to university and retire.
By putting off investing, you pretty well guarantee huge financial problems in the future.

Unfortunately, City Hall keeps putting off investing in our environment, even though these investments are key to a good quality of life and economic prosperity, now and in the future.

It’s time City Hall invested in our environment to avoid the ever growing Cost of Inaction.

There are five points in TEA's Green Action Agenda that we are asking all candidates to agree to. These priority actions must be taken over the next four years. They are the minimum investments we have to make to build a greener city for all, especially the children who will inherit it:

•   Prepare for Severe Weather and Climate Change
•   Improve Air Quality
•   Improve the TTC
•   Reduce Waste
•   Detox Toronto

Cheery Beach bus - TTC, clean air

See a more detailed outline of each priority and the specific commitments candidates need to make.

Download the full Green Action Agenda (PDF) here.

photo by S. Wineland

TEA is also working with Community Partners to promote additional environmental actions.