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Green Action Outline

This is the outline of the Toronto Environmental Alliance Green Action Agenda. These five priority actions must be taken by Toronto Council over the next four years. They are the minimum investments we have to make to build a greener city for all, especially for the children who will inherit it:

1. Prepare for Severe Weather and Climate Change
-expand our tree canopy
-calculate the cost of climate change
-implement a plan of action

2. Improve Air Quality
-better air monitoring
-stop island airport expansion
-adopt actions to help us leave our cars at home

3. Improve the TTC 
-improve service
-freeze fares

4. Reduce Waste
-adopt new waste diversion targets and actions
-give everyone access to all diversion options

5. Detox Toronto
-monitor toxics in our sewers
-phase out carcinogens in our air
-support Toronto businesses to become cleaner and greener

Click on each priority to learn more about it and what you can do to get candidates to support the Green Action Agenda.

Download the full Green Action Agenda (PDF) here.

TEA is also working with Community Partners to promote additional environmental actions.

Cherry Beach, Lake Ontario
Cherry Beach, photo by S.Wineland