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Environmental Priorities Mayoral Debate - Sept 23

On Thursday September 23rd, we hosted an Environmental Priorities Mayoral Debate. This debate was an opportunity for the top mayoral candidates to tell Toronto what their environmental commitments and priorities are, and to ensure that the environment is a top issue this election!

The debate focused on our 6 Environmental Priorities and considered questions suggested by our members, allies and friends. The debate was moderated by Gord Miller, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario. 

A summary of the debate questions and answers will be posted here and
distributed through TEA's newsletter, CouncilWatch, following the


The top five mayoral candidates were invited and confirmed attendance
in June.  The following candidates attended the debate: 

Rob Ford (left at 7:45pm), Joe Pantalone, George Smitherman (arrived at 7:30pm), Sarah Thomson

Moderator: Gord Miller, Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner.

Commissioner Miller has been the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario since 2000. The ECO is the province's independent  environmental watchdog. Appointed by the Legislative Assembly, the ECO is tasked with monitoring and reporting on compliance with the Environmental Bill of Rights, and the government’s success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and in achieving greater energy  conservation in Ontario. www.eco.on.ca

Media Coverage

NOW Magazine was our media sponsor for the debate - they broadcast the debate live on their website: www.nowtoronto.com  

The debate was also featured on CityTV, Global and CTV News, as well as appearing in the press:



The candidates were asked 5 questions by our moderator - he also asked
follow-up questions to prompt further discussion and get the candidates
to demonstrate their understanding of the issues. 


An audience member and volunteer took notes during the debate and
generously shared them with us to post on our site. **Please note - these
notes are here to help, but in no way meant to represent the complete
discussion and are not represented by TEA to be the full or accurate
content of the debate.