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TEA - 2010 Municipal Election Campaign Timeline

Municipal Election Environmental Priorities Campaign Timeline

February 11, 2010: Along with 12 other local, provincial and national environmental groups, TEA issues 2010 Municipal Election priorities with the motto of “Let’s continue building greener Toronto.”

The six priority actions are:
1. Build Transit City & Fund It
2. Achieve 70% Waste Diversion by 2012
3. Buy & Support Locally-Produced Green Products
4. Build Transportation Infrastructure Everyone Can Use
5. Implement the City's Sustainable Energy Strategy
6. Provide Tools to Prevent Pollution

February - October: TEA staff, in coordination with more than 30 volunteers, attended almost 50 community and all-candidates meetings, gave presentations to a number of community groups and attended dozens of community events to talk about election issues. 

July 8, 2010: TEA issues its Mid-Campaign Mayoral Candidate Report Card that examines what the top Mayoral candidates have said about Toronto's six Municipal Election Environmental Priorities. TEA gets huge media interest and coverage:

  1. Mayoral candidates need to work harder on green plans: enviro group - InsideToronto
  2. Mayoral candidates not very green: Pantalone leads bunch on environmental issues - Toronto Sun
  3. Extra, Extra: ...George Smitherman "Shows Potential,"... - Torontoist.com
  4. Mayoral candidates get green report card - CBC
  5. Looking for a mayor for the environment - National Post
  6. Rob Ford fails environmental report card - BlogTO
  7. Environmental Report Card For Mayoral Candidates - Newstalk1010
  8. A mid-campaign green grade - Globe and Mail
  9. Environmental report card says Pantalone best, Ford worst - Toronto Star
  10. Top environmental marks for Pantalone - Metro

September 23, 2010: TEA hosts the Environmental Priorities Mayoral Debate. The debate focuses on six Environmental Priorities and considers questions suggested by TEA members, allies and friends. Writer for Toronto Life, John Michael McGrath, writes, “Last night’s mayoral debate was one that voters should actually have watched”. Other media cover the debate as well:

  1. Mayoral debate: Environment issues in Toronto – Globe and Mail
  2. Turn out the lights, Ford says - Toronto Star
  3. Last night’s mayoral debate was one that voters should actually have watched - Toronto Life
  4. Environmental issues focus of mayoral debate - InsideTorontoVotes.ca

October 4, 2010: TEA releases Council Candidate Report Card on where 200 Councillor candidates stand on six priority environmental actions. The results come from a 20-question survey and suggest that 24 wards may elect Councillors with a score of A or higher.

October 13, 2010: TEA releases Mayoral Candidate Report Card with results of a 20-question survey that shows where the top four mayoral candidates stand on six priority environmental actions. TEA also releases results on the other 30 mayoral candidates. The results of the report card receive quite a bit of media attention:

  1. Getting the green grade - NOW Toronto
  2. Pantalone given top marks in green survey - CTV
  3. Mayoral candidates on environment: Two A’s and two F’s - National Post
  4. Toronto Environmental Alliance releases mayoral candidates report card - blogTO
  5. Ford, Rossi receive failing grades on environmental group’s report card - Globe and Mail
  6. Ford, Rossi turn down green questionnaire - Toronto Star
  7. Environmental group grades mayoral candidates on green policy, Front-runner Rob Ford refuses to complete survey - InsideToronto
  8. Candidates ranked first and last in environment class - Toronto Sun

October 25, 2010: Torontonians elect 24 Councillors who received an A or higher on TEA’s report card. TEA’s Executive Director, Franz Hartmann, notes in a press release on October 27th:

  • “On Monday, Torontonians made it clear they wanted a different kind of Mayor. They also made it clear they want the new Council to be green. That’s why they elected 24 Councillors from all corners of the City who committed to implementing key environmental actions that build on 10 years of environmental success. Now Councillors need to honour the commitment they made to voters.”

October 26, 2010: TEA launches letter writing campaign ”Help Us Keep Council Green.” Torontonians are asked to write to their newly elected Councillors and ask them to honour their commitment to building a green Toronto, and to make the environment a priority in the next Council.