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Act Now - Tell the Province you support Wind Power!

*Public comment period for the MOE's proposal ended on September 7th, 2010*

In the summer and fall of 2010, The Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Natural Resources proposed a 5km setback for offshore wind development.

Wind turbines should be located based on studies and scientific evidence
that demonstrate safety for humans and the environment, not on a
blanket setback for all regions of the Province and all shorelines.

For Toronto, the 5 km exclusion zone means off-shore wind is pushed
farther out into Lake Ontario where the lake bed is significantly deeper
- too deep for wind projects to be economically feasible.

TEA, along with a number of NGOs, submitted comments to the MOE and MNR on these proposed regulations.


The Ministry of Natural Resources had a related posting for public comment, asking the public for input on Offshore Wind facilities near crown land. The public comment period ended on October 4th.

The more comments the Ministry receives, the more likely we are to succeed in ensuring a green future for Toronto! Read TEA's letter to the MNR here. Read TEA's letter to the MOE here.

You can read the posting here: # 011-0907 :  Offshore Windpower: Consideration of Additional Areas to be Removed from Future Development

You can comment using the online form on the Environmental Registry


Include these points in your submission, or write your own comments:

  • * I object to the proposed 5km exclusion zone for off-shore wind power. This proposal puts Toronto's green energy future at risk as it will prevent important off-shore wind projects. 
  • * Proper site-specific studies can and should be used to provide scientific facts to ensure that wind power projects are located with minimal health and environmental impacts.
  • * A single shoreline exclusion zone for the entire Province is excessive and unnecessarily restrictive. 

                   Comment now: Click here for the online form 


Ministry of Natural Resources Off-shore wind regulations & comments


Ministry of the Environment Off-shore wind regulations & comments




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