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TEA has a new logo!

After months of careful consideration and gathering valuable feedback from our members, TEA has a new logo to represent what we are striving towards as an organization.

TEA has been going through an incredible transformation. Our membership has soared and we've been reaching out to Torontonians in ways we've never done before. As we've spread our roots, we've built and continue to build new relationships with Torontonians from all corners of the city, working with them to find solutions to environmental problems in the communities where they live.

Through this transformation we've achieved a lot, but we didn't have a logo that represented what TEA was becoming. That's why we reached out to our allies and members to help us come up with a new look - and we're very happy with the results!

The map of Toronto symbolizes our commitment to uniting all Torontonians in building a greener, healthier, and more equitable city for all. The map is the canopy of a tree, representing our commitment to strengthening our relationship with our members from every community in Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, and the Downtown Core.

Take a look: we've also updated our Facebook page and Twitter profile!