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Public Transit


What's Ahead for 2014 

Everyone agrees Torontonians need more transit and more affordable public transit. The challenge is getting our political leaders to invest in us. TEA will continue advocating for more and better public transit because we’re worth it!


Transit Expansion: It’s Time to Invest

Public transit is a cornerstone to a healthy City. Toronto Public Health recommends better transit as the best way to cut smog.

Cars and light duty trucks account for roughly 28% of the Toronto's GHG emissions. An efficient, affordable public transit system will get more people out of cars, reducing the city's GHG emissions.

Toronto needs extensive transit expansion and improvement to reach all neighbourhoods - especially under-served areas in Scarborough, North York, and Etobicoke. Right now public attention is focused on the four LRT lines to be built along Eglinton, Sheppard, Finch and the existing Scarborough RT route. But we also need affordable fares and better service along existing TTC routes, and better connections with other regional transit services. More lines, better service and affordable fares requires public investment.

Over the years, TEA has succeeded in advocating for transit policies that help the rider and the environment at City Hall and Queen’s Park. In 2012, we helped get transit expansion back on track through a massive grassroots campaign. Right now, we are focusing on making sure the public investment is made to build the public system we need. There is an emerging discussion about how to fund transit expansion in Toronto and the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). TEA actively encourages all Torontonians to engage in this discussion and support those funding mechanisms that will help help build the best and fairest public transit system to attract as many riders as possible.

Take Action

Join TTCriders and become part of a growing group of public transit activists that give transit riders a voice.

Become a transit ambassador and talk to your community about public transit.

TEA continues working to protect and enhance public transit in Toronto by raising awareness, working in partner with other groups, and campaigning at the local and provincial level:

TTCriders: TEA is a founding member of TTCriders, a voice for transit riders in Toronto. TTCriders is a strong and vibrant transit advocacy and users group. Our main objective will be to ensure the TTC is responsive to users and that much needed transit expansion occurs across all of our communities.

Public Transit Coalition:TEA is a member of the Public Transit Coalition (PTC), a coalition of groups fighting to keep transit public in Toronto. In fall 2010, the PTC launched the KeepTTCPublic campaign which outlines the key pitfalls of transit privatization as learned by cities around the world.


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In the past, TEA has campaigned steadily on transit issues


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TEA would like to thank The Catherine Donnelly Foundation for their financial support in 2013-2014.