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If we can't laugh about the environment, who will? August 11, 2015

Why not have a few laughs and support TEA? It's the perfect combination!

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TEA visits Green Condo in Scarborough August 01, 2015

TEA summer students and volunteers from CASSA have been talking about the challenges that face condos and apartments in reducing waste - the average diversion rate is 29% for apartments, compared to 66% for houses. However, one condo in Scarborough has turned that around.

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High-rise models a solution to waste crisis July 30, 2015

Emily Alfred, TEA's Waste Campaigner, wrote this article as part of a special feature on waste in the Toronto Star. 

The Metro and Toronto Star (home subscriptions) 
July 30, 2015
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What’s our Pan Am score for air quality? July 20, 2015

While many Torontonians are keeping count of how many medals Canada has won during the PanAm Games, TEA’s keeping score of something else: how Toronto’s air quality is performing.

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Jobs, Justice and Climate Action July 09, 2015

The march for Jobs, Justice and the Climate brought together over 10,000 concerned activists from over 60 groups and organizations to the streets of Toronto on July 5th.

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Connect to the Greenbelt by Bicycle June 19, 2015

Connect with the Greenbelt this summer on the Greenbelt Bike Route. Download the map and plan your trip.

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The Silver Lining to the Gardiner Vote June 16, 2015

Last Thursday’s close Council vote on the east Gardiner’s future was disappointing.

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Tips for the Long Term Waste Plan public survey June 09, 2015

The City wants to hear from you on the Long Term Waste Plan this summer via an online survey that will close on July 24.

This is a critically important issue, and it's your chance to help Toronto decide whether we choose a path to zero-waste.

Read TEA's tips below to help you share your waste-free ideas on this important issue!

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New recyclables hit Toronto Blue Bins! June 05, 2015

As of June 1st, Toronto residents can start recycling more types of plastic films and bags in our Blue Bins!

While the City has accepted clean plastic shopping bags in Blue Bins since 2008, it didn't accept other plastic bags, like bread bags, frozen food bags, and fresh produce bags.

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Call and Stop a Very Expensive Mistake June 02, 2015

Next week Toronto City Council decides what to do with the eastern part of the Gardiner Expressway. Right now, Council is split between two options: dismantling the Gardiner and ramping it down into a surface-level boulevard (supported by Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health and the City’s Chief Planner) or rebuilding it (supported by the Mayor, and called the hybrid option).

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Toronto's Long Term Waste Plan Update - May 2015 June 02, 2015

In late May 2015, Solid Waste Management Services staff gave an update on the progress of the Long Term Waste Plan to Toronto’s Public Works Committee.

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Spotlight on Perc May 28, 2015

Perchloroethylene (perc) is one of the top toxic chemicals released into Toronto's air. Since dry cleaners are the main source, TEA has launched a consumer campaign for safer alternatives.

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Spotlight on Cadmium May 21, 2015

Cadmium is one of the top toxic chemicals released into Toronto's air and water. Check out TEA's new map tool to find the good and bad news stories about cadmium in our city.

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Acclaimed Musician Terra Lightfoot to Play TEA's Greenbelt Getaway May 08, 2015

Critically acclaimed Canadian musicians Terra Lightfoot and Brian MacMillan have confirmed that they will perform at TEA’s upcoming Getaway to the Greenbelt, and evening in support of TEA's work to preserve and expand Ontario's Greenbelt.

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Help shape the future of Ontario's Greenbelt May 05, 2015

Urban sprawl or a bigger Greenbelt? More highways or a greener Greater Golden Horseshoe?

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Broken Transit Promises May 01, 2015

TTC riders along Sheppard can be forgiven for being grumpy following the latest provincial transit announcement, the last in a month long series of announcements designed to create  the impression the Wynne government cares about transit. 

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Community waste solutions - Wast(ED) talk April 30, 2015

Community groups across Toronto are a great inspiration for showing what we can achieve by working together to create a Waste Free Toronto.

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What's your vision for Toronto's waste future? April 24, 2015

What principles and values should guide Toronto's waste management over the next 50 years? Zero waste? Local green jobs? Health and social equity? The City wants your opinion.

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When will Toronto go Zero Waste? April 22, 2015

On Earth Day, New York City announced a Zero Waste plan that will see them reduce garbage going to landfill or incinerator by 90% by 2030!

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Strength in Numbers April 17, 2015

Since last Fall, TEA has been actively involved in a unique, new initiative connecting five city-based environmental groups in Ontario that focus on building greener cities. On April 14, we met in Windsor to discuss how to work together. 

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