Support a New Climate Plan for Toronto

Toronto has a bold new climate action plan, and we need your support to make sure it passes at Council on May 24th.

For the first time, Toronto has a climate plan that could create good green jobs, help reduce poverty, and improve living conditions for many people - while helping us meet our emission reduction targets for 2050.

Let’s call on Toronto to be a climate leader! Sign your name to the letter below and we'll ensure it's in the hands of City Council and the Mayor before they vote.

Dear City Councillors and Mayor John Tory,

I fully support Toronto’s bold new climate change strategy called TransformTO because it sets out a roadmap for building a green and prosperous future.

I am counting on your vote to pass this new climate action plan at City Council on May 24th.

Cities around the world are recognizing the important role they must play in climate action and it’s time for Toronto to show some leadership.

This plan has bold new targets like retrofitting 100% of existing buildings by 2050 and keeping 95% of our waste out of landfills by 2050.  Actions like these are necessary if we are to meet our global climate agreements and protect our city from devastating climate impacts.

The climate solutions in the TransformTO strategy can also meet our city’s other urgent needs by reducing poverty, creating more jobs, fixing our transportation problems and improving quality of life in our homes and communities.

We need your support to fund and implement Toronto’s climate action plan in 2018.


[Your name]


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