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How TEA got Council to Buy Local Food October 31, 2008

You contacted your Councillors and asked them to support TEA’s recommendations for an improved Local Food Procurement policy at October’s Council meeting.

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Local and Sustainable Food Procurement October 30, 2008

On October 30th 2008, City Council unanimously adopted a local food procurement policy and implementation plan. Council adopted TEA’s suggested amendment and agreed to develop a plan to achieve an aggressive 50% local food purchasing target as soon as possible!  This means it is now the policy of the City to progressively increase the percentage of local food it buys for its daycares, shelters and seniors’ homes.

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TEA Letter to Torontonians to support windmills (2008) October 27, 2008

In 2008, Toronto Hydro proposed installing an anemometer in Lake Ontario near the Scarborough Bluffs. The anemometer would measure wind speeds and assess if the area could be a potential site for wind turbines. Below is a letter which TEA distributed to Toronto residents. 

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CouncilWatch - October 6 2008 October 06, 2008

Vote for the Planet on Election Day, Just 2 Weeks Left to Show Your Support for a Local and Sustainable Food Purchasing Policy for Toronto!, Lots of Green Initiatives at City Council this Fall, Help Put a Face on Community Right to Know!

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Council Watch - September 4 2008 September 04, 2008
Send a Local Apple to City Hall in Support of Local and Sustainable Food for Toronto!, Help Put a Face on Community Right to Know
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Council Watch - July 23 2008 July 23, 2008

TEA Launches New Website with Take Action Focus!, Urge your Councillor to support local and sustainable food!, Community Right to Know VICTORY at Board of Health

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Council Watch - October 18 2007 October 18, 2007

Fate of city’s environmental quality at stake in monday’s council vote on new taxes, Next week: toxics trespass at planet in focus environmental film festival.

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Council Watch - October 5 2007 October 05, 2007

Environmental Priorities for Ontario, Vote for a Fair Deal for Our City, The Case for Supporting MMP Electoral Reform, Toxics Trespass at Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival.

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Toronto Smog Hike September 23, 2007

1700 posters • 1700 messages • 1700 lamp posts • 1 long hike

We'll be attaching 1700 posters with individual messages from Torontonians about smog.
Each lamp post will represent one annual death.


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Council Watch-September 14 2007 September 14, 2007

Urgent Letter from the Executive Director: Please Tell your Councillor to Build a Green and Healthy Toronto!, TEA Opposes TTC Fare Hike, TEA Joins “Fair Deal For Our City" Coalition, Calls on Members to Take Action, Help Put a Face to the 1,700 Annual Smog Deaths in Toronto!, New Faces at TEA.

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Secrecy is Toxic December 03, 2006

In 2006, TEA launched the Secrecy is Toxic website as an online engagement tool for the Community Right to Know campaign. The website enabled community members to raise concerns and investigate unidentified sources of toxic chemicals used and released by small businesses.

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Council Watch - October 2005 October 17, 2005

TEA Releases Smog Report Card, Upcoming Climate Change Event, (a) Volunteer to Stop Climate Change, (b) Ralph Nader in Toronto, Nuclear Power Not a Solution to Climate Change, Stop the Big Pipe, Transit at Risk - Ontario Superior Court Stops St.Clair Transit Right of Way.

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