TELL DOUG FORD: Stop the Destruction

In the last few weeks, the Ford government has tried to ram through a series of unprecedented legislation, attacking the environment, workers, tenants, and Toronto’s climate plan. 

Most recently, the Ford government attempted to remove workers’ right to strike, announced it will open up the Greenbelt to developers, and introduced Bill 23: a harmful new “housing” bill. In reality, this Bill will undermine affordable housing and renter protections while simultaneously gutting municipal green standards - a critical tool for cities like Toronto to reduce building emissions.

Without green standards for buildings, Toronto can’t achieve its climate targets. 

Tell Premier Ford and your MPP that you oppose these destructive actions and want them to vote NO to Bill 23 (the “More Homes Built Faster Act”). 

If passed, Bill 23 (the “More Homes Built Faster Act”) would:

  • Make it impossible for Toronto to meet its climate goals by gutting the Toronto Green Standard for buildings - which Doug Ford himself voted for while he was on Toronto City Council.
  • Remove critical wetland and woodland protections and allow developers to build in environmentally-sensitive areas. 
  • Dismantle many tenant rights and limit municipal powers to fund affordable housing.
  • Make homes more expensive for residents by allowing developers to build with weaker requirements for insulation, flood protection, water efficiency, and EV charger installation.
  • Reduce the quality and quantity of new parks by changing how developers financially contribute to new parkland.

The Ford government is simultaneously backtracking on a previous promise not to remove lands from Ontario’s Greenbelt. The Greenbelt is an important resource for clean water, fresh air, local food and valued greenspaces for the entire GTHA. We can’t allow these forests, wetlands and farmland to be paved over for developer profit. 

Now is the time to speak up. We’re fighting to save Toronto’s climate plan, but we’re also fighting something bigger. These actions undermine local democracy and put our communities and the environment at risk. Contact Premier Ford and your MPP to vote against these harmful bills and oppose destructive environmental actions.