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TAKE ACTION: Toronto City Council is voting on a new climate plan. Let's get it right.
Soon, Toronto City Council is voting on an updated climate action strategy with a target of net zero by 2040. Increasing our targets is critical - but a new target won’t be enough. The strategy must come with a robust plan of action, strong accountability mechanisms to keep us on track, and the funding to make it a reality. Tell City Council to make sure the plan is more than a target alone, but a robust and fully funded action plan.
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REUSE, NOT SINGLE-USE: Support bold City-wide action to reduce waste and single-use plastic 
Single-use plastics and other wasteful packaging are a growing problem affecting our health and environment. To truly tackle waste, we can’t just recycle, or substitute plastic for other materials. We need to make a real shift away from single-use and focus on reuse.
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RESOURCES AND TOOLS: Creating zero-waste high-rises
We've worked with multi-residential buildings as they reduce waste, increase recycling and increase composting. Now, we're sharing what we’ve learned to help more Toronto high-rises become zero-waste buildings.
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