Climate Change

Climate Change Climate Change

In 2013, Toronto suffered two severe weather events that gave us a taste of what climate change will bring. The cost to Torontonians and City Hall was over $1.3 billion, the equivalent to a one time 51% residential property tax increase. Climate change and the resulting severe weather events will damage our cities, our economy and our health.

Climate change is caused by the unnecessary burning of gasoline, oil, coal and natural gas to heat our homes, power our vehicles, manufacture goods and provide electricity.

We don't have to be dependent on fossil fuels that harm our climate and pollute our air. Energy conservation and renewable energy (such as wind and solar power) are just as technically feasible and economically viable. They have the advantages of causing little or no pollution, creating jobs and income throughout the country, and insulating consumers from high energy prices.

To help reduce greenhouse gas pollution and get Toronto ready for climate change, TEA:

  • works with local, provincial and national environmental organizations to reduce climate change gases
  • advocates for policies at City Hall that will prepare Toronto for the changing climate

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