Leaving a Legacy Gift to TEA

A bequest to the Toronto Environmental Alliance is wonderful way to ensure that TEA can continue to promote A Greener City For All. A legacy gift honours your memory and serves as a statement for generations to come that a green, healthy and equitable city with economic activity that sustains our environment was central to your core beliefs.

Your legacy gift will allow TEA to continue working with concerned individuals, community groups, professionals and workers, to encourage the participation of local people on local issues.

For decades, TEA has campaigned for A Greener City for All. TEA is the only environmental group in the City of Toronto that spends 100% of its time advocating for environmental policy that has a positive impact on the local environment.

Your legacy gift will give a voice to Torontonians who have traditionally been left out of the conversation. Your voice will continue to be heard through our message and will inspire others to start talking about issues that affect the city.

 If you have any questions, please contact our Development Manager Liz Glor-Bell at 416-596-0660, or by email at [email protected]