Boxer Lager Ad Hits “Below the Belt” with False Environmental Claim

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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Boxer Lager Ad Hits "Below the Belt" with False Environmental Claim 

Toronto: The makers of Boxer Lager should immediately stop running their ad that falsely claims aluminum cans are better for the environment than refillable glass bottles, says the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA).

“I can’t believe that the makers of Boxer Lager would produce and air such an outrageous ad in 2010,” said Dr. Franz Hartmann, Executive Director of the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA). “It’s an established fact that refillable glass bottles are the best environmental option for beverages such as beer. Claiming aluminum cans are ‘better for the environment’ is a classic case of greenwashing and the makers of Boxer Lager shouldn’t get away with this.”

A 2009 report by The Beer Store, Design for the Environment, states refillable glass bottles are “environmentally preferred.” First, a refillable glass bottle, unlike an aluminum can, is made from a renewable resource. Second, making and refilling glass bottles uses a lot less energy than making and recycling aluminum cans. That means aluminum cans create more global warming gases. Third, refillable bottles create a lot less garbage than refillable cans. The 2009 Beer Store report notes that 99% of refillable bottles are returned to the Beer Store while only 79% of cans end up being returned. That means one in five aluminum cans likely ends up in a dump.

TEA is calling on Minhas Creek Craft Brewing Company, the makers of Boxer Lager, to immediately stop running any ads that claim aluminum cans are better for the environment than refillable glass bottles.

Hartmann also has advice for Ontario beer drinkers “If you want to be an environmental champion hit Boxer Lager where it hurts: don’t buy their beer until it’s in refillable bottles.”


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Dr. Franz Hartmann, Executive Director: cell 416-606-8881