Broken Promise on Transit City Guarantees Toronto’s Air Stays Dirty


Broken Promise on Transit City 
Guarantees Toronto’s Air Stays Dirty

March 25, 2010: Today, the McGuinty Government ensured Toronto’s air stays dirty by breaking its promise to fund Transit City.

“Today’s broken promise means Torontonians won’t get the clean air and greenhouse gas emission reductions the Province promised when it announced funding for Transit City,” said Jamie Kirkpatrick, Campaigner with the Toronto Environmental Alliance.

The so-called “delay” will essentially kill the proposed Finch West LRT, drastically reduce the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, leave the redevelopment of the Scarborough RT in doubt, and bring into question the possibility of building the remaining 4 Transit City lines.

These lines would have made it much easier for Torontonians to keep their cars at home and use public transit to move around the city and the GTA. By stopping Transit City people will have little choice but to continue using cars which pump smog and greenhouse gases into the environment.

“Premier McGuinty brought real hope to Torontonians when he announced Transit City funding,” said Kirkpatrick. “Now, he’s killed this hope and doomed Torontonians to dirty air.”

“What we were hoping for was a commitment by the Premier to come back to the table with stable funding for the TTC,” said Mr. Kirkpatrick. “Instead, they’ve kicked over the table and turned their backs on Torontonians.”


Jamie Kirkpatrick, Campaigner
Toronto Environmental Alliance
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