Climate of hope at City Hall as Toronto adopts bold climate action plan

For Immediate Release

July 4, 2017

Toronto: Earlier today, Toronto City Council adopted a new climate action plan that sets out a roadmap for building a green and prosperous city. The Plan has the potential to achieve an  80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 by building stronger more prosperous neighbourhoods. 

“Toronto’s new climate plan is about making our communities stronger, more resilient and prosperous,” said Dusha Sritharan, Climate Change Campaigner with the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA). “This Plan shows the world that Toronto wants to be a leader on climate action by implementing actions that will also generate multiple benefits for Torontonians, such as more jobs, poverty reduction and improving social housing.”

One of the bold actions will be retrofitting every building in Toronto by 2050.  “If we do this properly, we will also create good local jobs and make life more affordable, especially for residents in social housing,” said Sritharan.

“The direct impacts of climate change are being felt by communities across the world,” said Dusha Sritharan. “Here in Toronto, we’ve seen greater rainfall and flooding and hotter temperatures in recent years. By adopting this Plan, Toronto joins cities around the world that are stepping up to lead on climate action.”

Toronto’s climate plan will require $6.7 million in new funding in 2018 to get started. Sritharan noted that this very small investment by the City will guide future spending to reduce carbon emissions and benefit our communities.

“Now that the climate plan is adopted, we need to make sure it is put into action”, said Sritharan. “That’s why we will be looking carefully at the City’s 2018 budget to make sure the $6.7 million is there to begin building a greener and more prosperous city.”


For more information, contact Dusha Sritharan, Climate Change Campaigner: 416-473-7918