Council Watch - February 2009

Action Alert: Industry trying to delay pesticide ban, TEA is looking for two youth (ages 13-18) to coordinate a Youth Caucus, Parent and Guardian Survey on Youth Volunteering!

Action Alert: Industry trying to delay pesticide ban

Dear TEA Supporter,

We've just learned the chemical industry is trying to postpone the Ontario pesticide ban by at least a year!

Could you please send an e-mail to Economic Development Minister Michael Bryant saying you want the pesticide regulations implemented this Spring.  We're targetting Mr. Bryant because we understand he's sympathetic to a delay.

The Minister's e-mail is: [email protected]

In the subject line please put: Don't Delay the Pesticide Ban!

Your message can simply be:

Dear Minister Bryant,

The pesticide regulations will boost business and green jobs in Toronto. Please ensure they come into effect this Spring. Do nothing to weaken them.

Thank you.

[Your name and address]

TEA is looking for two youth (ages 13-18) to coordinate a Youth Caucus

The Toronto Environmental Alliance wants to re-establish its Youth Caucus and we are looking for two eager and experienced youth (between the ages of 13 and 18) to lead the team as Coordinators.

This is an opportunity for youth to get involved in our organization as well as your communities on local, urban, environmental issues. Volunteering as a coordinator for TEA's Youth Caucus is an opportunity to learn new skills, participate in training youth, take on responsibilities, and acquire transferable skills helpful for the workforce. It also helps improve Toronto, by spreading the word about toxics in our environment, climate change, waste, local food, and much more.

Please help, by sharing this opportunity with your community, friends and family.

Parent and Guardian Survey on Youth VolunteeringTEA wants to introduce a new Youth Volunteer Program for our teenaged members. This program would offer opportunities for the youth volunteers to help build a green Toronto, receive employment-related training, enhance self-esteem, and benefit from experiential learning.

We need your input to help us develop the best possible program for our youth. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey below.

This survey looks specifically for feedback from our members who are parents or guardians. All suggestions are appreciated.