Council Watch - Gearing up for a green future

In this issue, TEA fills you in on what you can do to help Toronto go waste free and how we're gearing up for the elections.

Shape the future of T.O.'s waste


Starting on June 9th, the City will be asking the public for opinions on what to do with Toronto's garbage over the next 50 years as part of its Long Term Waste Management Strategy. At the current rate of just over 50% waste diversion, Toronto's landfill will be full by 2026. Many will focus on what we should do next: if we should burn our garbage in an incinerator, or bury it in a landfill. 

However, we know that there is a lot more that we can do to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste first. TEA has shown that most of what the average Toronto household puts out as 'garbage' could have been reused, recycled or composted

Attend one of the City's four public consultation sessions. Let them know if you think that strong waste diversion targets should be part of a long term waste plan. 

*And don't forget to take the Waste Free Toronto Challenge to learn more and share ideas on how to reduce Toronto's waste. 

"Building a Toronto that Moves"

On Tuesday, TEA helped launch a new report called “Building a Toronto That Moves” filled with 12 actions that must be taken to improve public transit, cycling and walking in Toronto. TEA partnered with Toronto Centre for Active Transportation, Cycle Toronto, Walk Toronto and Canada Walks to write the report. 

Key actions include permanently widening sidewalks in downtown Toronto, creating 200 km of new bike lanes by 2018, and improving TTC service annually beyond any increase in ridership.


The collaborative will now be asking mayoral and councillor candidates to fill out a survey based on these actions. Click here for more information. And make sure to ask your councillor candidates to take the survey!

Food for Thought 

For our upcoming fundraising dinner, John Lassinger, the Campaign Manager for Olivia Chow, and Brian Kelcey, the Campaign Manager for David Soknacki, will be featured in an "Insiders' Panel" to discuss how environmental issues are playing in the election. Please buy your tickets today! Seating is limited!



Provincial Election Watch

TEA has been working with various groups to provide resources that Torontonians can use to determine which provincial parties have the best environmental platform. To learn more click here.


Toxic sewers, upstream solutionssewer.jpg

Every day toxic chemicals enter our sewer system. TEA is a vocal participant in Toronto Water’s stakeholder consultations to make sure the Pollution Prevention Program does more upstream to protect Lake Ontario from chemicals. Stay tuned for future updates on this!