Council Watch - Green corporate leaders; Line 9

Green corporate leaders; Line 9

Recycling Plus depot opens

Last Friday, The Beer Store launched its first Recycling Plus depot near Lansdowne and Dupont to collect beer, wine and spirit empties as well as electronic-waste, paint and batteries. The depot is a partnership with SIMS electronic recyclers, and Stewardship Ontario's hazardous waste program.

The Beer Store has been a leader in Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) - in which companies take stewardship for the full life cycle of the products and packaging they create and sell.

The Beer Store's deposit return program collects 99% of refillable beer bottles sold in Ontario each year, and recycles billions more.

Operating within strict government targets and standards, The Beer Store and SIMS e-waste recyclers - which recycles Toronto's e-waste in Mississauga and Brampton - have thrived as models of green economy drivers in Ontario.

Unfortunately, most companies and producers in Ontario have done the bare minimum in terms of taking responsibility for the products and packaging they create. It's clear that tougher Provincial regulation is needed if we want to see more comprehensive EPR programs like this one.

Read more about EPR and reducing waste in Ontario in TEA's report.

Residents can also drop off all types of special waste at City Depots (see map here), have e-waste picked up curbside on garbage days, or call the City's Toxic Taxi for pick up.


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Council discusses tar sands pipeline in Toronto

As we noted in January, Enbridge is trying to transport toxic tar sands crude oil in the Line 9 pipeline crossing Toronto. 

This week, Council will discuss the risks to residents and waterways. Residents will be demonstrating at City Hall to stop the project.