Council Watch - Help us save Toronto's environmental services

Help Save Our City!

Dear Friend,

Environmental services are at risk, and we need your help to protect the programs and services we've built together over the last 10 years. The review of all city services taking place at City Hall is deeply concerning. For almost two weeks now, TEA has been monitoring City Hall daily. What’s become clear is that some councillors want to cut vital services, including those that clean the air and reduce pollution. They claim that these cuts will save taxpayers money.

Many environmental services are under threat -- including the Toronto Environment Office (TEO). This office is the city’s equivalent of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. Could you imagine the Province of Ontario cutting the Ministry of the Environment? Of course not!  The TEO is vital for a clean and healthy city - for example, TEO implements our local food policy. Many of you recently signed our petition to save the local food purchasing policy. 

To learn more about the Service Review, and what other environmental services are under threat, visit our website.

We need your help today to make sure that all Torontonians know what’s at stake. We must spend the next 4 weeks reaching out to people across the city to let them know that important city services are on the chopping block. There is simply no time to sit back. City Councillors will consider which services to cut starting on September 19th and will make a final decision on September 26th.

We thank you for your support in the past, and now we need your help more than ever. Your donation will make sure that we can effectively monitor City Hall.

Many of our friends are supporting us with the equivalent of $10 per month for the year -- some prefer to donate monthly, and others make a one-time donation. We encourage people to give what they can. Donate online now, call us at 416 596 0660, or print out and mail in a donation form to become a monthly supporter or to make a one-time donation.

Your donation will help us keep our air and water clean and keep Toronto healthy and green!

Thank you,

Franz Hartmann
Executive Director, Toronto Environmental Alliance