Council Watch - If not TEA, then who?

In this issue, TEA invites you to join us at the dinner table, and we challenge you to help Toronto go waste free.

Food for Thought - Shaping the Green Agenda


The past four years have been a challenge to building A Greener City for All. While the media and public have focused on the Mayor’s Office, TEA has been on the front line stopping cuts to vital environmental programs. But we now have a larger challenge on our hands - ELECTING A GREEN COUNCIL.

We need your help! Join us at The Westerly on Wednesday, June 25th at 6:30pm to discuss these issues while enjoying a delicious three course dinner and wine pairing. You will also get a sneak peek at our “Council’s Green Report Card” and a preview of the Green Agenda we will be pushing during the municipal election campaign.

This is the work that makes TEA special. Simply, no one does the work we do… and we cannot do this work without your support. With your help, we will have the means to sustain our municipal campaign until Election Day on October 27thClick here to buy a ticket.

TEA's Waste Free Challenge - more chances to win!

Take the Waste Free Challenge - 10 simple steps you can take right now to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost more of your waste.

If you complete all 10 steps by July 15, you’ll be entered in a draw for great prizes (like a TTC Metropass). Get five of your friends to join the Challenge and you’ll get a second entry in the draw - read more here.

TEA members have been sharing their stories on the simple actions they took to reduce their waste - Jody just recycled her old cell phones, Terrie repaired the zipper on a knapsack instead of buying a new one, and Marilyn takes her own dishware to the sushi shop! Take the Challenge and share your story.


 Are we ready for severe storms?

The City of Toronto is asking the public for their input on ways to improve how the City responds to severe weather events. Click here to fill out the survey.

Healthy communities need transit

GTHA Medical Officers of Health told Ontario’s political candidates that the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area must invest in transportation to build healthy, complete communities. Toronto Board of Health will discuss their Improving Health by Design report next week


 Scarborough save the date: June 16th

The Highland Creek Treatment Plant is one of the city’s largest polluters. Scarborough’s air contains toxic substances because the plant burns sewage waste. It doesn't have to be this way. On Monday June 16th the City is holding a public consultation on the future of this plant. TEA will be there to promote non-toxic solutions. Join us and have your say! Learn more.