Council Watch - Mapping TOenviro, water polluters convicted

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Water polluters fined for toxic releases

TEA took action last year when Toronto Water tried to remove some penalties for water polluters during the City budget. We won that fight and made sure that the annual reports identifying industrial polluters were brought up to date.

On April 18, the Public Works Committee heard the overdue Toronto Water report including a list of industries who were caught violating our Sewers by-law for toxic releases to the sewer, or for not completing a required Pollution Prevention Plan. The increased enforcement is a good sign.To see if any businesses in your area were caught violating the Sewers by-law, click here to see the report.

The Committee also requested a report on improving Sewers by-law compliance and policy options for the City to force companies to install pollution prevention controls rather than just develop plans.
Read more on our website, including five polluters to watch.


Environmental groups across Ontario are concerned that the McGuinty budget package includes serious cuts to the Endangered Species Act that will hurt endangered wildlife across Ontario.

Contact your MPP and the Premier now. Read more on the Greenpeace website.