Council Watch - Planes, trains and... clean air?

In this issue, TEA talks about planes, trains and how we can clean Toronto's air with smart investments in the 2014 budget.

TEA asks City to invest in getting ready for 40 in 40

Council Watch readers will remember that last January TEA rang the alarm bell about how climate change will affect Toronto by 2040. As a result, staff were asked to report back by the end of the year with a plan to get the city ready. Last Friday, Parks & Environment Committee discussed the Resilient City staff report and TEA’s Franz Hartmann was there. Franz told Councillors the report clearly shows that Environment & Energy Office does not have the resources they need to get Torontonians and the city’s infrastructure ready for climate change. In fact, staff asked for more time to develop an action plan. Franz urged Councillors to find the resources staff need and “invest in Torontonians because we are worth it and because it will save us money in the long run.” After Franz’s presentation, the Committee directed staff to report back sooner with a plan.

Planes, trains... and clean air

TEA was busy in the last week at City Hall and Queen’s Park calling for better ways to use planes and trains. On Monday, Franz Hartmann, TEA’s Executive Director told the City’s Board of Health to support recommendations to oppose more airplane traffic at the Billy Bishop Toronto Island Airport and put the “health of people and the environment ahead of the business interests of Porter Airlines.” On Wednesday, Franz was at Queen’s Park speaking to the media in support of Private Members Bill (Bill 84) by MPP Jonah Schein that would electrify the new air rail link between Union Station and Pearson Airport. Franz noted that diesel trains will pollute the air, just like more planes at the Island Airport. Franz’s message was clear: it’s worth investing in Torontonians and cleaning the air.

TEA receives CapaCITY Creators Appreciation Award

This week, TEA was given an Award ofAppreciation in recognition for the contributions made to the CapaCITY Creators project this year. TEA is proud to be a partner organization with CASSA in support of the CapaCITY Creator Project. This project aims to increase the level of engagement and representation of South Asians in arts, recreation and environment sectors in Scarborough and Brampton.

2014 City Budget update

TEA has developed a simple 2014 Budget Page to help our members understand how the City of Toronto budget fails to invest in the environmental services Toronto needs to get ready for climate change impacts, improve transit access and service, keep valuable waste out of our landfill and detox our air and water.

Ecobunk 2013

Thank You!

TEA spends a lot of time asking for things. Whether it’s a letter to a Councillor, a petition, or a donation. However, we do our very best to honour those who have helped make this work possible.

In addition to all our wonderful donors, we would especially like to thank our sponsors who made TEA’s annual EcoBunk possible. This year’s event was a milestone because TEA was celebrating its 25th anniversary!

Thank you:

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Exporting toxic e-waste

Last week, TEA brought Jim Puckett from the Basel Action Network to Toronto to talk about how Canada exports harm by sending electronic waste to other countries for 'recycling’.

The offshore shipment of toxic e-waste is a major environmental, health and social justice issue. TEA is excited to be working with BAN, other NGOs, and recyclers to promote safe and responsible e-waste management solutions across Canada.

Stay tuned for more info in the new year!

2014 Toronto Budget

Important Dates
Dec 10-13 Budget Committee reviews City programs
Dec 16-17 Final vote on Water & Waste budgets at Council
Jan 22 Exec. Committee reviews Operating & Capital
Jan 29-30 Final vote on Operating & Capital budgets at Council
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