Council Watch - Save Toronto's Environmental Programs!

Save Toronto's Environmental Programs 

As we mentioned in our last newsletter, City Hall has launched a major Service Review on how city services are delivered, who pays for them, and where we can find efficiencies.

This review will be used to dramatically reduce the services the city offers, including environmental services that protect human and environmental health.

The review is asking us to fill in a survey and to rank services provided by the City. Note that you can indicate that all City Services are necessary to the City - you do not actually have to chose between programs.

Take the City's survey before Friday June 17th! Take the survey here.

This review will affect Toronto's environmental programs for years to come -- programs we have spent decades building. There are very limited opportunities for public input.

Get involved!

  • Take the survey and let the City know Environmental Programs are necessary. Take the survey here.
  • Call your Councillor and let her/him know that you want our Environmental Programs protected because they help save lives by reducing smog and air pollution, protect the environment, save taxpayers money by saving water and energy, and create good green local jobs.
    Find your Councillor's phone and email here (or call 311).
  • Visit the City website to learn about the review process

The TEA team


TTCriders launch meeting

On June 22nd, TTCriders, the new voice for transit riders in Toronto, is holding its founding meeting. Transit riders are gathering together to celebrate their efforts so far to win more and better public transit for Toronto, and to make plans for the year ahead.

Visit to reserve your seat for the June 22nd meeting, read the latest updates on transit, and to sign up for the newsletter.