Council Watch - September 30 2010

TEA Debate 'worth watching' - With hundreds of people in attendance, TEA's mayoral debate last Thursday was a great success, and one of the largest debates held to date!

The event also received great media coverage: Toronto Life praised the in-depth discussion and stated: "Last night’s mayoral debate was one that voters should actually have watched".

Our moderator, Ontario's Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller, kept the questions to a minimum, allowing the candidates to get into details about their plans, and to demonstrate their understanding of the issues.

Community Right to Know - Community Consultation

With your support, in 2008 Toronto passed the Environmental Reporting and
Disclosure by-law (a.k.a. Community Right to Know by-law).  The first of its kind in Canada, this by-law came into effect this year and requires all businesses and industries to report on 25 toxic chemicals released in our neighbourhoods.

ChemTRAC is the City's program to help track and monitor these emissions, help businesses develop pollution prevention plans, and communicate the toxic emission levels to the public.

The City is looking for ideas and input from community members to help them develop these important ChemTRAC communication tools.  Share your feedback by participating in one of the City's consultation sessions or the online survey by  October 22nd.

Council & candidate report cards coming soon!

TEA has surveyed council candidates across the city on key environmental issues. Their answers, and scores, will be released next week.

TEA also has a 10 year tradition of tracking the elected Council voting records for environmental decisions during their terms. We'll be releasing a score for each ward councillor for the 2006-10 term to help voters evaluate incumbents.