Council Watch - Toronto Residents' Guide to Waste

In this issue: Waste, TEA's 25th Anniversary and Dinner with Olivia Chow, Michele Landsberg and David Crombie.

Residents' Guide to Waste 

TEA's new Toronto Residents' Guide to Waste is for Torontonians who care about the environment, are curious about what happens to our waste, and want to help build Toronto’s waste-free future.

- waste 101 outlines the basics of Toronto’s waste — what’s in our waste, why we recycle, where our waste goes and who’s responsible.

- the state of waste in Toronto explains why we still send half of our waste to landfill, and what we can do to change that.

In the coming months, City Hall will be considering whether to invest in diverting more waste, or investing in another landfill. We hope that this guide will help Toronto residents get involved in the discussion.

From the TEA archives...

In late 1999, when City Hall was deciding on whether to build a landfill or incinerator to deal with Toronto's growing waste, TEA was campaigning for a better way.

TEA and CUPE Local 416 released a report outlining how Toronto could achieve 75% diversion of waste from landfill by collecting organic waste. Three years later in 2002, the first green bins rolled out across Toronto.

TEA's 25th Birthday Party!

Thurs May 30th, 5:30pm
The Rex - 194 Queen St W 
Free!  RSVP: Facebook or [email protected]

Come party with us to celebrate TEA's quarter-century of building a Greener City for All!

25th Dinner a Success!

Last week, TEA donors and supporters heard Olivia Chow, Michele Landsberg and David Crombie talk about the need for a more inclusive and visionary approach to environmental advocacy in Toronto.

We're happy to say that with our tens of thousands of members and
volunteers working on a range of issues relevant to Torontonians, TEA is ready to meet the challenge!