Council Watch - Which transit plan has the most winners?

We have a new message for you to send to Mayor Ford and Councillors. We need to make sure City Council has the opportunity to vote on Transit City and we need Councillors to support the Transit City light rail network serving all of Toronto - not only one line. 

The Transit City light rail plan delivers 10 times more winners than the proposed subway plan

Today, we released a map that shows how the Transit City light rail plan will serve over half a million more people than Mayor Ford’s subway plan.

Should the subway expansion plan proceed, one in five Torontonians will miss out on access to fast, reliable transit.


The Transit City light rail plan creates a fast, modern and reliable transit network serving neighbourhoods throughout the City of Toronto. The plan consists of 8 transit lines, four of which have received funding from the Province of Ontario.

Until recently, this modern light rail network was being built.

Work was underway to bring modern, rapid light rail transit above ground and below ground along Sheppard, Eglinton, Finch, and the Scarborough RT. Mayor Ford ordered the TTC to stop this work. In the process he has wasted close to $130 million already spent on Transit City. We may now be on the hook for signed contracts worth more than $1 billion, including the purchasing of vehicles and tunnel boring machines for rapid transit under Eglinton Ave.

New report shows Transit City best serves Toronto

Today, the Pembina Institute released the report Making Tracks to Torontonians: Building transit where we need it

The report makes it clear that Mayor Ford’s proposed subway expansion plan does not make sense economically or environmentally. It demonstrates that a modern, light rail network as planned with Transit City is best for the environment, for car drivers, for taxpayers, and will get the most people moving.  


Thousands acted and are likely saving Eglinton’s Light Rail transit! 

In just a few weeks, close to 10,000 Torontonians have taken action to save the Transit City plan. Thousands of emails were sent and phone calls made to the Mayor’s office and Councillors in support of the Transit City light rail plan.

This week, the media (Toronto Star,CBC news, Toronto Life, Toronto Sun) is reporting a “Ford-Transit City hybrid plan is in the works” (Toronto Star, Tuesday January 4).

Because of the groundswell of public support for Transit City, Ford’s team is considering going ahead with the Eglinton crosstown – one of the 8 Transit City lines.

This is great news - and we need to keep the pressure on the Mayor and our Council to build transit that serves the whole city. Send a quick email today about Transit City.

TEA's Transit Map in the Media

Today, TEA released our map comparing the Transit City plan with plans for Subway expansion.

It's already getting media coverage on the radio, television and major papers:
Toronto Sun - "Ford's subway plan not cost-efficient: Group"
Toronto Star - "Subways would cost more and serve fewer, group says"
680 News - "Light rail transit better bang for buck"

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