This election, vote for a Greener City for All

Next month, we’ll head to the polls for the municipal election. This election is important: who we elect to City Council will hold power at City Hall during a critical window to act on the climate crisis, make Toronto more resilient to climate impacts like extreme heat and flooding, and create a local circular economy.

To put climate and the environment on the agenda and help voters make informed decisions, TEA is launching our Vote for a Greener City for All campaign.

The Greener City for All Platform outlines priority actions for Toronto’s next City Council term in these key areas: 

  1. Climate action: Achieve Toronto’s 2025, 2030 and 2040 climate targets by fully funding all actions in Toronto’s climate strategy and accelerating investments in affordable housing, transit and good green jobs.
  2. Climate resilience: Implement strategies to achieve Toronto’s climate resilience goals. Support communities, particularly those most affected, to prepare for and respond to impacts of climate change, including heatwaves and flooding.
  3. Waste and a circular economy: Take ambitious action towards making Toronto a zero waste city by reducing disposables that pollute our environment. Shift Toronto towards reusable alternatives that protect our environment and build a strong, local circular economy.

Read the full platform, which includes a number of bold solutions to environmental issues in Toronto that will create a sustainable, healthy and equitable city. Raising these issues with your local candidates, friends, and families will help transform our city.

We’re asking candidates for Mayor and City Council to pledge to support four key actions from the platform, if elected. TEA will publish the results of the Greener City for All Candidate. 


You’ll hear more from TEA about the election, key issues, and which candidates have committed to championing the actions in our Greener City For All Platform.