Going Waste Free with CASSA!

TEA partnered with CASSA - the Council of Agencies Serving South Asians - to promote the Waste Free Challenge in the South Asian community. This week, the CapaCITY Creators team launched a Waste Free Guide to Hosting a Dinner Party with a waste free picnic in Scarborough.

The CapaCITYCreators team met and talked about ways to make going waste-free relevant to more people. The group decided that making a simple guide to help make family gatherings and community meals more environmentally friendly would be a great start.

TEA-CASSA Waste Free Picnic - Playing the waste game

Nirogini, one of the CapaCITY Creators explained "Eating is something we all do, and eating together is an important activity. By looking at how we can make our meals waste free, we can make a real difference."

The guide includes tips on using reusable dishes, collecting organic food waste, and choosing less packaging. 

The group plans to translate the guide and promote it at mosques, temples and community events throughout July. The group hopes to host a larger Waste Free community meal later this summer.

Ayaz, another CapaCITY Creator explains that speaking about waste at mosques is important, and that July will be an especially good time "Ramadan is starting this week, and people come to mosques to break their fast."

TEA and CASSA's CapaCITY Creators will be hosting another waste free feast later in the summer!

 Nirogini and Ayaz describe the waste free guide. 

 Playing the waste game.