Green Bins in 18 languages

For many years, residents in apartments and condos haven't had green bins. The good news is that the City is finally rolling out green bin collection for all residents.


To help residents sort their waste, the City created Green Bin and Recycling guides in 18 different languages.

Research has shown that using photos instead of line drawings helps people quickly understand recycling and waste rules. 

See the new Green Bin instructions with photos in Arabic, Chinese, French, Punjabi, Tamil and Spanish.
Green bin guides using illustrations instead of photos are available in 15 other languages on the City website (see pull down menu on the right).

Will having guides in more languages help you, or people in your community compost better?

Does your apartment or condo have green bins? Know of a school or community centre without them? Take our Challenge #7 - Help Grow Green Bins.