[VIDEO] Solutions in Action: Reducing Waste in Toronto’s High-Rise Buildings

Since TEA launched our Zero Waste High-Rise Project, we’ve worked with residents and staff of dozens of multi-residential buildings across Toronto to find solutions to their waste challenges. 

The results have been incredible. 

Buildings have drastically cut the amount of garbage they produce, improved recycling and compost, created sharing shelves and special waste collection, launched creative education campaigns, and made waste collection more accessible. On top of this, they’ve built community, saved money and created greener and cleaner buildings.  

We're excited to share a new video that showcases stories of high-rise communities and these creative, community-led solutions to waste challenges in multi-residential buildings! 

As 2021 comes to a close and we look back on what we accomplished, we're so proud of the work of these buildings. 

When TEA first began this project, we worked with one building in Scarborough: Mayfair on the Green. Their story inspired buildings across the city. As their superintendent Princely Soundranayagam says in the video: "I'm always thinking that one little thought has sparked a big movement.”

We hope the stories of these buildings inspire more people to imagine how together, we can create greener, healthier and more connected communities. 

Learn more about the Zero Waste High-Rise Project.