Mayor’s Green Forums to Begin Sunday: TEA Urges Quick Action

April 27, 2007
For Immediate Release

Toronto: Today, the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) urged Mayor Miller and City Council to act quickly to curb global warming and cut smog in the City.

TEA released five Quick Actions the City can start taking today, in anticipation of the City’s first public meeting designed to get feedback on the Mayor’s Change is in the Air document that outlines possible actions the City can take to curb smog and global warming.

“We’re very supportive of the targets and ideas set out by the Mayor,” said Dr. Franz Hartmann, Executive Director of the Toronto Environmental Alliance. “But we need immediate action on five fronts. We urge Torontonians to go to the City consultation on Sunday and tell City officials to move quickly on these Quick Actions.”

Key action items include:

• Find the Bucks for Transit City. TEA urges the City to develop a “go alone” financing option for making Transit City a reality.

• Implement energy efficiency practices in city buildings. TEA urges the City to install automatic switching systems that turn off lights and turn down A/C in all city-owned buildings

• Pass a Community Right to Know Bylaw. TEA urges the City to give Torontonians a necessary tool to know about the smog pollution happening in their neighborhoods.

The other two action items include: cutting City red tape that stops green power development; and supporting local food, especially Greenbelt-grown food.

Dr. Hartmann noted that there is nothing stopping the City from starting today to implement these action items. “At minimum, we’re expecting to see these Quick Actions in the Action Plan to be presented to City Council this Summer,” said Dr. Hartmann. “Moving ahead now will send a clear signal to Torontonians and the world that City Hall is serious about curbing global warming and stopping smog.” 

For more information, contact: Dr. Franz Hartmann, Executive Director. Cell: 416-606-8881