Press Release: Molson and Miller Genuinely “Daft” to Introduce Plastic Beer Bottles

Friday, June 12, 2009
For Immediate Release

Molson and Miller Genuinely “Daft” to Introduce Plastic Beer Bottles

Toronto:  Yesterday’s announcement by Molson Brewery introducing Miller Genuine Draft in plastic bottles is a huge step backwards that will hurt the environment, says the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA).

“Canadian brewers have been environmental leaders by offering beer in refillable glass bottles, the best environmental option,” said Dr. Franz Hartmann, Executive Director of the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA). “So, it’s a huge black eye to have Molson announce it wants to start putting beer in plastic bottles.”

Currently, Miller Genuine Draft is sold in non-refillable glass bottles that are collected by The Beer Store and recycled. The Canadian brewing industry has consistently said refillable glass bottles are the best environmental choice for beer. “Molson and Miller should listen to their fellow brewers and put Miller Genuine Draft in refillable glass bottles, not plastic bottles” said Hartmann.

A 2008 report authored by The Beer Store called Responsible Stewardship: The Next Piece, states refillable glass bottles are “environmentally preferred” because they can be used over and over again, therefore reducing energy use, and because they can be endlessly recycled into new glass bottles. In contrast, plastic bottles are made from non-renewable fossil fuels that can never be recycled back into new bottles. This means every new plastic beer bottle needs a new batch of non-renewable fossil fuels.

“Energy prices are once again on the rise and people across the planet are trying to cut down on fossil fuel use,” said Hartmann. “It makes no sense for Molson to offer beer in containers that use more energy and cause needless harm to the environment.”

TEA is calling on Molson to immediately stop their plans to sell Miller Genuine Draft in plastic bottles. To Canadians who drink Miller Genuine Draft, Hartmann offers simple advice: “Drink responsibly and choose beer in a refillable glass bottle instead.”


For more information, contact: Dr. Franz Hartmann, Executive Director:  416-596-0660