Privatized Waste Collection

TEA is committed to fighting for diversion and waste reduction across Toronto. We will work to protect the great diversion programs we've fought for over the last ten years. TEA is concerned that privatizing waste services reduces local control and puts our valuable waste diversion programs at risk.

Update: On October 24th, City Council voted to accept the bid from GFL (Green For Life) to collect waste in half of the City. The good news is that a number of motions demanding strict reporting were passed, ensuring that we'll have plenty of information to follow in the coming years to ensure that service quality or environmental standards don't decrease! Click here to read more.

Next steps: In the first quarter of 2012, staff will be outlining the structure used to oversee the contract, its associated costs, and performance targets. Any failure to meet these targets will be immediately reported to Public Works Committee. 

TEA will continue to follow the progress of this issue and keep you informed.

Read TEA's report Look Before You Leap: An Environmental Perspective on Privatizing Waste Collection in Toronto

  • This report outlines our key concerns about risks to diversion programs and the
    need for transparency. The report includes a number of examples from Toronto and other cities
    where waste diversion services were compromised due to problems with
    contract language, and monitoring and enforcement

Campaign Activity:

See TEA's media coverage on our TEA In The News page

24 October 2011 - Council votes to accept bid from GFL for waste collection west of Yonge Street. A number of motions for strict reporting are passed.

19 October 2011 - Staff recommend that Council award the waste contract to GFL.

Media Release: Waste Contract Puts Environment at Risk - 21 October 2011

17 May 2011 - Council votes to seek private bids for waste collection in
half the City. Council overwhelmingly rejected the proposal to allow
staff to make the final decision, and voted in favour of the

Media Release: New Study: City report over-estimates savings from privatizing waste collection, puts services at risk - 9 May 2011

Deputation to Public Works and Infrastructure Committee - 26 April 2011

Media Release: Environmental Group to Councillors: It’s your job to safeguard waste diversion programs - 26 Apr 2011 

26 April 2011 - Public Works and Infrastructure Committee approve staff proposal to seek private bids for curbside collection west of Yonge Street.